Afterward: A Gay Series (AAGS) Fics

This series follows Carlos and his (platonic) relationship with Adam after they move to San Francisco. This is my intended canon for a post-ZAGS Carlos.

Playing through YAGS and ZAGS* is not necessary for this series (start with "The Story So Far" if you haven't played), but is highly recommended, as this series contains massive spoilers for both YAGS and ZAGS

This series was unintentionally written for Nanowrimo 2021, and consists of approximately 106k words written between November 3 and November 24, 2021.

You may also be looking for the ZAGS Companion Fics.

You can experience these fics in Kinetic Novel format instead, including exclusive game-only chapters! See the AAGS game page.

These prologue fics are optional, but help set backstory for the series. Reading "The Story So Far" is highly recommended if you haven't played ZAGS.

The series proper starts with "Falling Into Place".

The remaining works can be read mostly in any order, but they are presented chronologically, and will make more sense in that order.

* If you wish to set context for yourself for this series by playing ZAGS, play through the game making sure to hook up with Dan but not date him. Study with Nate but don't hook up with him, and sporadically play games with Jake so they don't break up. Don't ever IM Elliot, and end up single at the end of the game.

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