Safety Net: Phone Conversation Ficlet

This is a short companion ficlet to Safety Net. You should read that work first.

(A phone conversation between Adam and his mom)

Denise: Adam! It's so nice to hear from you.

Adam: Hey, mom. Is it okay if Carlos comes home with me for the holidays this year?

Denise: Of course it is! He's always welcome here.

Adam: Thanks. You were coming by the 19th, right? Should we just rent a car?

Denise: That doesn't make sense, honey. It'll just sit in our driveway for two weeks. We'll get the two of you. And yes, on the 19th.

Adam: Thanks. I'll let him know.

Denise: Should I be apologizing to his parents?

Adam: What, Carlos'? For what?"

Denise: I'm sure they're eager to see him too. They weren't at graduation, so it's been a while.

Adam: Oh. Um. No, it's fine.

Denise: Nonsense. If I hadn't seen you in that long I would be upset you weren't coming home. Should we at least send them a card? I assume their address is still the same since graduation.

Adam: Mom. It's fine. Really.

Denise: Adam James! That's rude to not even acknowledge them.

Adam: Mom, please. Carlos... can't go home.

Denise: What? Why?

Adam: He just... can't.

Denise: Honey. What happened?

Adam: Nothing happened. It's not, um... it's not my place to say.

Denise: Why on earth would that be the case? Can they not afford the plane ticket? I'm happy to send him some money.

Adam: Mom. It's not the money. His parents just... don't want him to come home.

Denise: You can't possibly know that.

Adam: I, um... I do. And I'm sure about it.

Denise: Nonsense. What's their phone number? Carlos is important to you, honey. Whatever it is, I can help them work it out.

Adam: No! Please just... this isn't any of your business.

Denise: Adam. Tell me what's going on.

Adam: I... um...

Denise: Please.

Adam: Carlos, um....

Adam: ...

Denise: Are you still there?

Adam: Carlos is gay.

Denise: Oh.

Denise: Oh!

Adam: And they don't want to see him anymore because of it.

Denise: Oh, honey...

Adam: Mom. It's fine. I just don't want him to be alone over the holidays.

Denise: Well, of course not! He's definitely coming with you.

Adam: Okay. Um. We'll see you on the 19th, then.

Denise: Honey?

Adam: Yeah?

Denise: Are the two of you... involved?

Adam: No. No, mom. We are not dating. I'm... not into guys.

Denise: Oh.

Denise: You know we'd love you just the same if you were.

Adam: I'm hanging up now.

Denise: We'll see both of you soon! Send Carlos our love.