Afterward: A Gay Series

Afterward: A Gay Series, or AAGS, is a kinetic novel following a gay man's journey of coming out, accepting himself, and finding love. It is a sequel to Zen: A Gay Sequel (ZAGS), but prior knowledge of the YAGS Universe is not necessary to play the game.

As AAGS is a kinetic novel, it does not contain any player choices. However, it features clicker-style minigames, a CG gallery, and unlockable character profiles.

You can download the AAGS demo or purchase the full game from or other storefronts now!

You can see who contributed to the game. You can also follow AAGS updates on mastodon or twitter. (See the press kit here, and see the fair use policy for streams/LPs/fanworks.)

If you prefer to consume AAGS in more a traditional written format, you can read most of the series for free at

The demo features

  • 30k words across 3 chapters
  • 3 (non-adult) CGs, plus a secret
  • 1 minigame with a sexy reward

The full game features

  • 129k words across 22 chapters and 9 ficlets
    (Including seven [and a half] not available on the public website)
  • 25 CGs, plus some secrets
  • Unlockable and evolving character profiles
  • 4 minigames
  • A separate, free adult patch with 13 additional CGs and extra content