Afterward: A Gay Series

Adult Patch

The downloaded version of AAGS from, by default, is censored. However, if you are of legal age in your area and wish to see adult materials, you can download a game patch that will let you enable nudity in the game.

Note: Uncensoring is only possible for Windows, Mac, and Linux installations. Android installations cannot be uncensored at this time.

Note: This patch is only for the full build of AAGS. The demo cannot be uncensored.

First, you'll need to download the game from

Extract the zip file (or zipped tarball).

(Note that uncensoring is not supported for Android at this time.)

Next, find the location where you extracted the game and navigate into the game directory. You should see something like this:

(On mac, right-click on the app and choose "Show Package Contents", then navigate into Contents\Resources\autorun\game.)

Download the uncensored aagspatch.rpa file from one of the following locations:

(By downloading these files, you certify that you are of age and can legally view adult materials in your area.)

Find the downloaded file, and cut it. (Either right-click on it and choose "Cut", or highlight the file and hit Ctrl-X, or Command-X on a mac.)

Navigate back to the game directory, and paste the file. (Either right-click in the folder and choose "Paste" or hit Ctrl-V, or Command-V on a mac.)

You should be prompted to replace the file:

Replace the file and relaunch the game. (If you launched via the app, you may have to fully quit both the game and the app first.) You should have patch information in the "About" screen, confirming that the patch was installed successfully.

If you run into errors, or see a message similar to this on startup, make sure you have downloaded the latest version of both the game and the patch: